Enrollment in a Group-IB and Belkasoft joint forensic training course on computer forensics

A joint training course for Group-IB and Belkasoft “Belkasoft Digital Forensics” will take place on September 9–11 in Moscow, where Group-IB specialists will tell you how to effectively work on forensic investigations using Belkasoft tools.

Belkasoft products have been known for more than 10 years in the Russian and world markets for computer forensics solutions and are used to combat various types of crimes.

The training will allow students to work effectively with Belkasoft Evidence Center to solve problems in incident investigation and digital forensics, and Group-IB's expertise and many years of experience will help you get the most out of the product from the first day you use it.

The program will be of interest to information security and IT specialists, SOC and CERT analysts, forensic experts, and everyone who works in the high-tech field.

What will be interesting on the course?

On the course you:

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Join now! Recruitment is already underway.

More information about the course and entry are available at the link or by mail to education@group-ib.com.

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