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Unlike the newsletter, the subscriber himself determined when he wants to receive the next record - instantly after the previous one or a week later. To do this, he sent an empty letter to a special address. The solution does not require programming skills. How did it work?

If you have a question “why”, I’ll clarify that this product was created five years ago when not everyone had smartphones and fast mobile Internet. A typical use case was this: in an office with the most limited Internet available, the user receives interesting information via corporate email.

In those years, I trained in life insurance sales. I have my own domain with the Gmail service attached to it. It was two Gmail options that made it easy to implement the functionality I had planned:

All the answer templates for beauty were made in the form of HTML (I wrote above that the solution does not require programming skills, but is HTML really programming?). What is HTML for here?

In the basement of each record, it was proposed to evaluate it, whereby to get the next one. Technically, a hyperlink of the form mailto: is simply sewn under each rating, where 1558 is the template for the next record, and 3 is the current rating.

For analytics in the box, labels were attached to all ratings and other user responses.

And the e-mail blog turned out to be an excellent address picker for a warm mailing list with offers. Interestingly, other ways of collecting addresses were not so effective for me personally.

If you missed something, comment - I will answer.


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