Peace and quiet: dBud earplugs with two noise reduction levels

Ambient noise is a problem that many are familiar with. And we are not even talking about representatives of specific professions, for example, a drummer in a group or a DJ. On the way to the usual office, you will “hear enough” of the metro, and even in the office there is also noise, for various reasons.

And besides the fact that loud sounds negatively affect your hearing, it’s simply uncomfortable when next to you is either a fan rumble, or a call center mumble, or some other echoes. The dBud project should solve these problems.

DBud is a product of EarLabs, the main mission of which, as follows from the official website, is to protect our ears. In general, a good thing, noted, according to the same site and box, with the Reddot 2018 award (although now the link leads to 404) in the field of healthcare.

The official site is generously decorated with grateful reviews from representatives of “high-profile” professions, and almost enthusiastic reviews of this model of “gags” slip in the network one way or another.

And, in short, after the short tests that we carried out on our own ears, this can all be trusted. However, no magic is promised here.

What is dBud

This is a pair of TWS earplugs with two volume settings that reduce ambient noise by 11-24 dB. Unlike smart models, such as QuietOn , there is no electronics here, and noise cancellation is controlled by a rather convenient “slider”.

The prototype design, by the way, is slightly different from what happened on the way out. Such a hole-streaked surface, of course, is not:

Position 1

Position 2

The lack of electronics always makes them work, deprives the owner of the need to charge them, and also makes him freer in terms of handling: no need to be extremely careful and prudent. If they accidentally jump to the floor, nothing will happen to them.

Moreover, the lack of electronics does not make them very simple: the design has 15 elements:

By themselves, they are light, small and miniature: dBud do not stick out of the ears, and to prevent them from falling out, a wide range of interchangeable ear cushions, foam and silicone is provided.

In general, equipment is a strong point of the product. Here you have nozzles, a small case, and even silicone wires on your neck so that (again, if they jump out) they will not go far.

In addition, in order to stick together to such babies, they additionally provided magnets that would allow them either to be kept all the time together, or to lose them - both of them at once.

Against this, again, should be a silicone cord.

Use experience

The ear plugs could be worn in different conditions, but in private life for me they are most appropriate in the office. Those insignificant noises that periodically merge into a single hum and really distract, ceased to be so intrusive.

Something, like, for example, the sound of a fan, passed away completely. The dialogue voices became indistinguishable, inaudible, and extraneous sounds, such as the clicks of a stapler, became, as it were, “softer”. Completely such ear plugs do not block noise, which is also correct.

You do not lose control of the outside world, you do not get lost in space, you still stay in touch with colleagues, if necessary, but this very external world and external colleagues are now not so annoying and distracting.

On the street, the lock also reduces noise, making city sounds quieter, but at the same time you still remain safe, because the cars are still audible. Subway sounds are not so loud, but station announcements are normally distinguishable.

The company itself explains the following:

With the “open” position, dBud reduces ambient background noise, but at the same time, speech / voice frequencies are heard normally and without distortion, which allows you to comfortably communicate with other people, but at the same time respond less to the surrounding hum.

In the "closed" mode, a gradual decrease occurs over the entire frequency spectrum, but again without distortion, that is, noise and sounds decrease in volume "without loss of quality."

To whom is addressed

If I take my personal result, then dBud seems to be coping with the task: it has become quieter and more comfortable, so in office life it’s a practical thing and you can have it in the workplace. There was no particular discomfort with prolonged wearing.

We compared DBud with ordinary earphones-earplugs. In the case of dBud due to the fact that the holes do not completely block the sound, vacuum and unpleasant sensations were not detected.

The company itself provides reviews of people from such professions as musicians, teachers and educators, as well as (which, it seems to me, a little strange) frequent visitors to concerts. Also, those who work in noisy production, with machine tools, builders and repair workers, may be interested in noise reduction.

The traditional coupon on will make the model cheaper by 15% - DBUDHABR until the end of this week.


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