Document collaboration, updated corporate chat and mobile app: What's New in Zextras Suite 3.0

Last week, the long-awaited release of the popular Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open-Source Edition add-on called Zextras Suite 3.0 took place. As befits a major release, in addition to various bug fixes, many significant changes have been added to it. They take the functionality of Zextras Suite to a fundamentally new level compared to the 2.x branch. In version 3.0, Zextras developers focused on improving the functionality of collaboration and communication between users. Let’s take a closer look at all the innovations that the developers of Zextras Suite have prepared for us.


One of the main points in the innovations of version 3.0 is Zextras Docs, which is a complete tool for collaboration with documents. It allows employees to view and edit text documents, tables and presentations. Currently, Zextras Docs supports editing all open text formats, and also has support for MS Word, MS Excel and even RTF formats. The document viewing function directly in the web interface is available for more than 140 different file formats. In addition, thanks to Zextras Docs, you can quickly turn any text document into a pdf file. Domestic users will certainly appreciate the presence of a Russian dictionary in Zextras Docs for spell checking.

But the main advantage of Zextras Docs compared to traditional office suites is the ability to collaborate on documents directly in the Zimbra OSE web client. The author of a text, spreadsheet or presentation can make his document publicly available, as well as invite other employees to view or edit it. At the same time, he can give some employees the right to directly edit the document, somehow allow only to view it, and some allow comments to the text, which can then be added to the text or ignored.

Thus, Zextras Docs is a full-featured document collaboration solution that can be deployed in your enterprise and thereby avoid data transfer to third-party services.

The second important innovation was the advent of the Zextras Team, which replaced Zextras Chat. Like its predecessor, Zextras Team allows you to organize more convenient communication and interaction between employees through text chat, as well as video and voice calls.

Zextras Team exists in two editions: Pro and Basic. Users of the Basic version of the solution will have access to 1: 1 chat, which will support not only text communication, but also file sharing and video calls. Pro version users will have much more features available. In particular, Zextras Team Pro will be able to turn your Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open-Source Edition into a full-fledged video conferencing system with support for channels, virtual conversations and instant video calls that do not require the use of third-party software and services. In order to add users to such a video call, just send him a special link, when you click on it, the employee will immediately join the video chat.

The flexible and smart sidebar of Zextras Team Pro allows you to quickly access recent conversations, and a special interface allows you to create groups, start new conversations, and also access channels and virtual chat rooms that allow a group of users to exchange messages and files, as well as make video calls. and even provide access to the screens of their devices.

Among other advantages of the Zextras Team, we note that it is fully compatible with the Zextras backup system, which means that the chat history and contact lists of employees will be constantly backed up and will not be lost anywhere even with a large-scale failure. Another big plus of the Zextras Team is its availability on mobile devices. A specially designed application for Android and iOS devices is available for users of both Basic and Pro editions of Zextras Team, and provides the same functionality as the web version of Zextras Team, allowing employees to participate in work chats even when they are absent from the workplace.

Another new feature that is still in beta testing is Blobless redundancy. It allows you to avoid backing up blobs of various elements, while maintaining all the other data associated with them. Thanks to this feature, Zimbra OSE administrators will be able to optimize the use of disk space for backups and the recovery speed when using built-in backup or data replication mechanisms.

Also in beta testing is the Raw Recovery feature. It is a Disaster Recovery mechanism that allows recovery at a lower level, restoring all the metadata of the elements and preserving the original identifiers for all restored objects, and is compatible with both conventional and blobless backups. In addition, Raw Recovery allows you to restore the configuration of the centralized storage of the source server so that any data stored in it is immediately available. Raw recovery will also be useful for those who use local or cloud secondary volumes to store data. Thanks to the ability to restore blobs built into the Raw recovery feature, you can easily move blobs of items from the primary storage to the secondary.

The website of Zextras has also been significantly redesigned. Now it has a more modern design and has become more convenient in terms of navigation. We invite you to evaluate the innovations by clicking on this link .

In addition to all of the above, Zextras Suite 3.0 contains a lot of other, smaller fixes and bug fixes. You can find their complete list by clicking on this link .

For all questions related to the Zextras Suite, you can contact the representative of the company "Zextras" Katerina Triandafilidi by e-mail


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