The technical intelligentsia - from deep space

Recently, electricity was cut off at my cottage, along with electricity, the Internet was bent. It’s nothing, it happens. Another thing is surprising: with the Internet turned off, e-mail fell to Yandex-mail. The sender address was strange: deep@space.yes. I had not heard of such a domain name before.

The letter was strange no less. I was NOT informed that I won a million pounds in the lottery, I did not offer to bankrupt a legal entity, I did not sell a burning ticket to Thailand - instead, they sent reasoning, say, to a private person about the social structure of planet Earth. The reasoning is sketchy and infantilely naive, but the unconventional delivery method prompted me to act.

Here is the letter received. I publish it in the hope that the Habrachians will find out how e-mail can come with the Internet turned off, and if possible they will comment on the message itself.

Dear earthlings!

Vendipluk writes to you from deep space.

I watched your planet for a long time, reading its information flows ... No, earthlings, I like you. Earthly civilization is young, it cannot keep up with civilizations of respectable age, but you will not refuse technical ingenuity. Moving on wheeled vehicles and transmit energy through wires is, I tell you, something! Another couple of millions of stellar cycles, and you will rightfully join the friendly symbiosis of cosmic nations.

But the more I like you, the more amazed you are your social structure. How so? Technical experts, savvy on all four limbs, and can not think of anything more convenient for their own existence ?! This is an elementary theory of social sustainability, have they really heard nothing about it on Earth ?! Are you transmitting energy through wires, but aren’t you able to create a socially sustainable system? I can not believe it.

In this case, the topic obviously worries you. However, its discussion on the Earth is absurd in nature, which I cannot understand. It seems to be technicians, experienced, and behave like embryos during gastrulation.

For example, why discuss what is better: democracy or authoritarianism? Is it not clear that this is a secondary issue that is not worth attention. The main question is the solution itself, its purpose and content. And who will make this decision, is it significant ?! Suppose several earthlings collegially ... or one earthling alone ... Does the decision itself get worse or better from this?

Earthlings! Reflection should be on the social structure. And if you yourself do not know what you want, no one will do this with all your will. Would you still argue how many finger membranes the legislator should have ... Or do earthlings have no membranes on their fingers? .. Well, it doesn’t matter. In relation to earthly realities, opposing democracy to authoritarianism is the same as opposing blondes to brunettes. To a social device has a distant relationship.

The same goes for the struggle for equality, sporadically shaking your information channels. On Earth, for some reason, everyone dreams of equality. I don’t understand what I don’t understand. Are you earthlings completely pupated, what equality in a specialized society can be ?! Specialized - means: individual copies perform various social functions.

Unfortunately, I can not refer to the social structure in my homeland. My cosmic race has a different physiology and psychology than earthlings - you simply will not understand. However, I will express a few professional considerations in this regard.

Earthlings, your society is specialized - this cannot be denied. Therefore, no matter how offensive it sounds to you, you are divided into castes.

The first caste is connected with the existence of states. From my point of view, on your planet it’s not a state, but plubbiscite implication, but I won’t begin to find fault with trifles. Let there be states, and earthlings working on them - not plutibus implicators, but public servants.

The second caste includes earthlings engaged in infinite material self-enrichment (BSM). You call it business - undoubtedly because of the consonance of the terms: BusinessSMen - BSM. Although infinite material self-enrichment is a more accurate and detailed term.

Let it be known to you that BSM is a rather common mental illness in our Galaxy. Unfortunately, it is incurable. It is impossible to explain to those suffering from BSM that the material has a clearly defined physiological limit, after which it loses its meaning. The transition of goal-setting from material to mental allows us to accurately diagnose the disease.

I will make a reservation that creatures that do not suffer from BSM can also engage in business: those who cherish not material gains, but mass action itself as an opportunity to transform the world. Such instances are businessmen, but without signs of BSM. However, they are rare.

The third caste of earthlings is hired workers, the most uninitiated and conservative of all groups. It includes earthlings who work both for the state and for BiznesSmenov, but who at the same time perform mostly mechanical functions.

Please note that I do not criticize the actions of earthlings and do not indicate what to do with it. In no case! I fluently, extremely briefly and very conditionally outline the castes that have long existed on Earth in order to demonstrate the applicability of the theory of social stability to your conditions.

What is the theory of social sustainability? The fact that in the conditions of specialization the equality of performers is impossible in principle. I’ll try to pick up an analogy from earthly life ... Here. It is impossible for the tram driver to demand equality with the tram passengers in the right to consume strong drinks during the ride, and for the passengers - in the right to steer the tram instead of the driver ?! In other words, the performed social functions impose certain restrictions on rights.

For example, the caste of public servants. If any terrestrial state acts in competition with other terrestrial states, this caste should be limited in using the resources of other states. Otherwise, a conflict of interest is obtained. How so, work for one state, and use the resources of another ?!

Similarly, government officials should not engage in self-enrichment. Unless, of course, it is assumed that the state is intended to increase the welfare of its inhabitants. If I were in the place of earthlings, I would make the income of public servants dependent on the income of the most popular caste - wage earners. Is it up to you to increase your general well-being? Fine. In this case, your income is set at the weighted average of the income of the rest of the population.

The limitations for the BusinessSmen caste are also clear. If you suffer from BSM, my condolences. Do what you think is useful and right for yourself. However, the path to making government decisions, not to mention the laws of social structure, is closed to you forever.

Thus, the social system becomes sustainable:

When implementing this plan, specifics should be taken into account. As you know, on Earth an unusual method of reproduction is practiced - sexual. Therefore, the restrictions imposed on individual copies should be extended to immediate relatives. It is also necessary to establish the order of the transition of earthlings from one caste to another - in other words, to take into account the function of time. There is also no way to do without restrictions. One and the same copy is not entitled to alternately participate in government activities and engage in business. These are classes of different castes, not subject to combination not only in time, but also in a copy.

In a socially stable society there are no instances that allow almost everything, and instances that almost nothing is allowed. Opportunities are balanced by limitations. Each instance has the right to choose the set of features and limitations that is more suitable for it.

In order to avoid misunderstanding and biased interpretations, I emphasize: the number and characteristics of castes are approximate. No one will forbid earthlings to establish their own criteria for caste, subject to the general principles of social stability. The main one of the principles: there are no opportunities without restrictions. The more opportunities, the more restrictions.

Violation of caste restrictions is a crime that must be burned out by a prominence of the tenth degree. For example:

Earthlings, your future is not in the struggle for democracy and equality, but in the creation of a caste society based on the theory of social stability! Correct the logic, otherwise with a friendly symbiosis of cosmic nationalities will have to wait.

I hope that those 467 selected earthlings to whom I sent a real letter on galactic hosting will familiarize themselves with the ideas expressed. We use the 467-number system, so for us the number of the elect is round. The group of earthlings to whom the letters were sent was determined on the basis of a continuous selection of the inhabitants of the Earth using the remote intelligence method of both hemispheres.

I ask recipients to disseminate information among co-planters with a technical background. Humanities should not be disturbed: they are equally useless and despised in all open sectors of the Galaxy.

With perfect reverence from deep space,

Such is the letter.

Fulfilling the request of Vendipluk, I post his message on an IT resource. I look forward to clarifying the situation.

Since I was one of the 467 elected earthlings, I would like to find the remaining 466 people. In this connection I spread the questionnaire: perhaps, other recipients will be found on Habré. It would be nice to find out what the method of remote intelligence is - perhaps it can be used instead of IQ.


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