Video and talk with SmartMail Meetup: Frontend

Summer turned out to be cold, and this is a good reason to spend rainy days watching a couple of lectures on frontend development. On June 27, the first SmartMail Meetup dedicated to the frontend was held. Technical reports were made by the Mail frontend development team. Together with them and 300 other participants, we discussed how the Group front-endors live and how it feels to work with highly loaded services.

The event was opened by Igor Druzhinin with a report "Assessing the quality of the application - monitoring traffic consumption . " Igor answered a question that worries, though not a big but important part of humanity: “How to understand the impact of growth on productivity?” In a nutshell - using metrics.

And if you want more words, then here is a useful link .
And one more for the presentation .

The next speaker was Arthur Khineltsev, who told us about the "Features of monitoring highly loaded frontend applications . " Arthur revealed some internal information, telling how we track the stability of the application download, how we monitor client errors and how we analyze the time characteristics of the application.

More details .

Then Sergey Peshkov made a presentation “AMP for Email” . We are the first in the Russian Post to implement this standard at the same time with Google, so to whom, if not to us, to tell about AMP.

Speech by Sergey .

And our mitap Sergey Volodin concluded with a report “Difficulties in translation or i18n in large projects” . In short: internationalization is good and necessary.

If long .

And at the end, everyone expected beer & snacks afterparty. :)

A beautiful video for relaxing music, if you still have not been sure that it was cool:

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