EDC of a healthy IT specialist: I carry everything with me

Since one quick-witted Australopithecus has discovered that a stone of suitable shape can be used as a tool, people and their ancestors carry with them all sorts of useful things. Indeed, in life and everyday life, there are a variety of tasks: to build a fire, scrub the skin, sharpen the arrow, powder the wig, wet your forehead, listen to music, drink a tablet, tighten the screw.

We carry with us some useful things that we use, if not every day, then quite often. All this is junk called EDC - Everyday Carry. And today, with the incredible abundance and accessibility of all kinds of tools, gadgets, devices, stray and small nishtyachok, in our pockets and bags you can find the most interesting combinations of things. And on everydaycarry.com, you can upload photos of your EDC and sign each item. We collected the most interesting sets of IT specialists from there. They also asked us to show what lies in the pockets and backpacks of our employees.

Technical Support Engineer from USA. Everything is strictly and on business: a USB flash drive, a USB key, a knife, a small multitool, headphones, a watch, a phone, a wallet, a key holder.

The developer from England is equipped more seriously. Two pens (ballpoint and fountain pen), a flashlight, a small multitool, a portable battery, a laptop in a protective case, a small organizer with a bunch of small things on keys - another pen, a multitool and a flash drive.

Portuguese developer is ready for anything! Water bottle, bunch of adapters, flash drive, card reader, earphones, multitool, ruler, pen-pens, flashlight, network cable, earphones, USB flashlight, marker, laptop with mouse and mousepad, fitness tracker, universal power supply, tablet, stylus, notepad and two portable batteries.

This American developer is not inferior in preparedness. A laptop, tablet, two batteries, adapters, two chargers, a pen-notepad, a knife, a card reader, headphones-monitors, an anesthetic and wipes for cleaning optics.

A web developer, graphic designer and photographer from England collected a thoughtful, almost ascetic set of things: a laptop, folding glasses, a GoPro camera on the handle, a large flashlight, an external hard drive in a protected case and a serious multitool.

And this is the modest EDC of a freelance web developer from the USA: a knife, a flashlight, a notebook and a tactical pen, with which, with skillful handling, you can defeat a street fight.

This programmer from the USA has a richly equipped backpack: a laptop, a reader, a shopping bag, compact headphones, a compact USB headphone amplifier, a car mount for a smartphone, bamboo chopsticks in a case, glasses in a hard case, a power supply, flash drives and a bunch cables in a special organizer-holder with crosswise sewn elastic slings.

The USA programmer-analyst shared a small, utilitarian, but tastefully selected EDC from reliable and durable things: a steel fountain pen, a knife, earphones in a case, a durable multitool and a bunch of pendant charms - a cover for bank cards and business cards, manicure tweezers , ballpoint pen (works on the principle of a rifle bolt), clip for suspension on pants and a flashlight. And he also surprised the pick for the guitar.

A programmer from sunny California does not like to carry a lot: a knife, a multitool, a key keeper with a built-in flash drive, a flashlight, a pen and a carbine with a ring.

The US photographer and programmer has more interesting things in his pockets: two knives, a flashlight, headphones, a portable battery, multitool, a pen, a stand for shooting panoramas on a smartphone, and a bunch of power tools, a small flashlight, a capsule lighter and one more knife.

And here is what some of our colleagues were able to get out of their pockets:

1. Communications Manager

2. User support specialist

3. Leading Systems Analyst

4. Junior programmer

5. Head of advertising agency support

6. Econometric Analyst

7. Senior Testing Specialist

And show what you carry with you every day in your pockets, bags and backpacks!

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