12 best DJI Osmo Mobile 3 innovations

Osmo Mobile 2 has become for many bloggers and beginner videographers a necessary device, without which they simply did not leave home. Despite the fact that carrying it without a bag or a special case is quite problematic, the capabilities of Osmo Mobile 2 always outweighed the slight discomfort during transportation. DJI took into account the lack of a model, worked on bugs and introduced a new device that you can take with you wherever you go. For the second time in a year, the Osmo lineup was replenished with an excellent gadget, or rather, the truly mobile Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer, created specifically for smartphones.

Third generation innovation

Yes, the idea of ​​a folding stabilizer is not new at all, but so far only DJI has managed to realize it at the highest level. In this model, everything is thought out literally to the smallest detail. The company's engineers heard all the wishes and requests of users of Osmo Mobile 2 and embodied them in a new device.

This concerns not only the folding design, but also the ability to not remove the smartphone from the mount in standby mode, navigating the menu of the mobile application using the stabilizer buttons, an additional trigger button, which is responsible for various functions, simply switching from the horizontal position of the smartphone to vertical, charging phone from Osmo Mobile 3 during recording and other useful features, which we will talk about later.

And, of course, DJI cheerfully follows the path of unification of its mobile applications. If a few months ago you were lucky enough to become the owner of one of the latest copters of the company, a stabilizer for a smartphone and, for example, an Osmo Action action camera, then you would have to install three different applications on your mobile: DJI GO, DJI GO 4 and DJI Mimo. We hasten to reassure: Osmo Mobile 3 supports working with the DJI Mimo application (which, incidentally, was recently Russified), and DJI GO is gradually becoming a program for old devices.

Let's take a quick look at the main features of Osmo Mobile 3:

Mechanical range of rotation angles:

Top new features of Osmo Mobile 3

No. 1. Folding design

This is what distinguishes the third generation of Osmo Mobile. In the novelty, an L-shaped three-axis stabilizer was installed, instead of the three-section of previous models. Moreover, DJI went further in their idea - Osmo Mobile 3 does not just add up, but fixes all axes for safe transportation. How it works: we assemble the stabilizer, small protrusions fall into the corresponding recesses on the hinges and that’s all, you don’t have to worry that the device will twist in the bag and the sensitive motors will break.

No. 2. Additional trigger button

This useful element on the back of the handle allows you to shoot video with great comfort. For example, triple pressing activates the front camera, double - centering the smartphone. Press and hold twice to activate sports mode, and if you hold it down, the smartphone will be locked in one position, regardless of the angle at which you hold the stabilizer. And to start or stop ActiveTrack 3.0 tracking mode, simply pull the trigger once.

Number 3. Standby mode

One of the most convenient innovations. It is not necessary to take the smartphone out of the mount to edit the video or view the footage. It is enough to fold the Osmo Mobile 3 with the smartphone fixed in it and press the M button three times. In this mode, you can use the smartphone and return to shooting immediately at the right time.

Number 4. New management and navigation

To control the shooting, in addition to mechanical buttons, you can use gestures. Show an open palm or two fingers in the shape of the letter V and the camera will start recording video or take a photo. By the way, this works with both the main and the front camera. And you can now navigate the application menu using the joystick and stabilizer buttons. This is convenient if you are shooting with gloves on or your second hand is busy.

No. 5. ActiveTrack 3.0

The new version of the object tracking mode got to Osmo Mobile 3. ActiveTrack 3.0 now works very quickly, very smoothly and as accurately as possible. And if earlier it was necessary to choose a tracking object on your own, then in the new version automation is responsible for this: it recognizes human faces and holds them in the center of the frame. Do not trust software algorithms? Then use the function as before, highlighting the object on the screen. By the way, ActiveTrack 3.0 now works not only in the video shooting mode, but also during the creation of Hyperlapse and SlowMo clips, as well as shooting photos.

No. 6. Change the position of the smartphone using the M button

By double pressing the M button, you will turn the smartphone 90 degrees. Now the transition from landscape to portrait mode takes just a few seconds. It works even while recording!

Number 7. Bluetooth 5.0

Osmo Mobile 3 supports the latest version of the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless standard. This means that the stabilizer will work longer, consume less power and transmit data twice as fast as its predecessor.

Number 8. USB Type-C Port

Another sign of DJI following the path of modern trends. Almost all modern devices are gradually moving to this standard, and after about a couple of years there will be no gadgets with outdated microUSB left. So it's worth considering updating your wire collection.

No. 9. New stabilizer - new movements

The shape and design of the Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer expands the range of different camera movements: you can rotate it in different directions or twist it relative to the center of the frame. A new form of mounting is compatible with large phones or smartphones in a case.

No. 10. Sport mode

The list of creative shooting opportunities Osmo Mobile 3 added to the updated sports mode. With its help, even the transition from one dynamic scene to another will turn out smooth and cinematic on the video.

No. 11. Light weight

Despite all the innovations and increased sizes, the Osmo Mobile 3 weighs less: 405 grams versus 485 grams of the Osmo Mobile 2 version. Less weight - longer shooting: you will not get tired of keeping the steadicam even recording a very long video.

No. 12. DJI Mimo Support

As already mentioned, DJI gradually ceases to use the DJI GO app to control new devices. DJI Mimo is replacing with a large number of different artistic effects and opportunities for creative implementation. Osmo Mobile 3 was no exception and also uses this software, which is very pleasing. Why? There are at least three reasons.

"Story" mode. This section contains many templates for shooting creative clips. In each mode, special stabilizer movements, a melody corresponding to the mood of the video, various filters and transitions between scenes are already selected. Shooting "Stories" is a pleasure. Each template is divided into several parts, and if you don’t like how you shot, for example, the middle of the video, then simply record it again or delete it completely. Then the program will independently glue all the pieces into one beautiful movie.

Do you want to reveal your creative abilities to the full and not be limited to predefined styles? A convenient editor will allow you to glue a beautiful movie from several videos or photos, add captions, stickers, music, filters to it ... In general, everything that makes it stand out from social networks against competitors.


In the final part of the review, I really wanted to talk about the shortcomings of Osmo Mobile 3, but it turned out that there was nothing to complain about. You can, of course, criticize the Steadicists a bit because, due to the new design of the stabilizer, the angle of the camera is very small and there is no “Flashlight” operating mode. But DJI circumvented this drawback with the new Side Grip Mode, in which it is necessary to turn the stabilizer to the right or left by 90 degrees, thereby completely freeing the horizontal axis of rotation. The rest of the device turned out to be as convenient as possible, with wide functionality and quality at the highest level. And the price on the Russian market was promised to us a very pleasant one. So we are waiting for the first deliveries!

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