[Peter] Meeting JUG.ru with Sebastian Dashner - Make writing enterprise tests more joyful

On Tuesday, August 27, two days after the TechTrain festival, JUG.ru will meet with Sebastian Daschner, Java Developer Advocate's leading Java Developer, Java champion, expert in Enterprise Java, a renowned speaker and consultant.

Participation is free , registration is required. You can register here . Detailed information about the topic of the meeting and the speaker is under the cut.

The report will be read in English.

Testing is still not a good topic for developers. Despite the importance of testing for the overall performance of applications, the development and support of tests takes a lot of time and effort - especially in the case of distributed applications or when constantly changing functionality forces the tests to change. But you can’t refuse tests, and the question arises of how to live with it.

In this report, we will see what needs to be done to organize effective automatic testing of microservices in the Java Enterprise world. We will see what approaches worked well in real-life projects, how to maintain fast and stable feedback within the development cycle, how to manage complex test scenarios with many services, and how to verify API contracts. For high development productivity, it is incredibly important to maintain a feedback loop that includes not only unit tests, but also integration tests. In addition, we will see how container orchestration and service meshes can help test distributed applications.

One of the key questions is how to write a supported and high-quality test code that follows the principles of software craftsmanship. All this is demonstrated in the form of live coding of typical test cases related to various fields and technologies. Despite the fact that special emphasis is placed on the use of JakartaEE, all these concepts and approaches can be used in any enterprise applications.

About the speaker

Sebastian Dashner - Lead Java Developer Advocate at IBM. Author, trainer, and simply a Java programming enthusiast (EE). He wrote the book Architecting Modern Java EE Applications. Sebastian is involved in JCP, helping to develop the latest Java EE standards in the JAX-RS, JSON-P and Config working groups, and is involved in several open source projects. For his contributions to the Java community and ecosystem, he received titles such as Java Champion, Oracle Developer Champion, and JavaOne Rockstar.

In addition to working on Java, Sebastian enjoys using Linux and container technologies like Docker. He has been promoting Computer Science practices on his blog and Twitter @DaschnerS . His means of traveling around the world is not only an airplane, but also a motorcycle.

Participation is free , but registration is required. You can register here .

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