Weekend Reading: 65 articles on streaming, the history of the old "musical iron" and audio technology

This is a traditional mega-selection from our blog on Habré and “Hi-Fi World” - a thematic magazine on the topic of auditing equipment. We bring to your attention selected materials: from a retrospective analysis of the development of the music industry to the podcast market, the history of the first audio gadgets, “computer sound”, free libraries and streaming.

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Music industry

Not fired: audio projects in which something went wrong
What the Beatles, Radiohead and Doors borrowed from classical composers
How and what did pop artists borrow from classical music
This is a hit: the history and records of music charts
Eminem goes on IPO: what does it mean

From critics to algorithms: the fading voice of elites in the world of music
From critics to algorithms: labels, corporations, and 20th-century music culture
From critics to algorithms: how democracy and technocracy came to the music industry
A plate as a gift or free music for lovers of cola and ready breakfasts
Birth and death of an album: how formats have changed over the past 100 years

Audio podcasts

“Good morning Vietnam!”: How to launch your Internet radio
What was on the first iPod: albums that Steve Jobs chose
How to Launch Your Podcast, A Beginner's Guide
What listeners and presenters hate
What is happening in the audio podcast market

Brands spend more and more money on podcast ads
Meditation Apps Become More Successful Than Podcasts
10 thematic podcasts about sound, audio, soundtracks and vinyl
10 popular science podcasts on sound and recording
What to listen about audio: 15 podcasts

Old and new gadgets

How did the history of record players for cars begin and end
Radio recorders from the USSR: a brief history of audio systems in Soviet cars
How the screen became talking: the story of the chorinophone
Between Vinyl and Cassette: The History of Tefifon
Sound on the wire: the history of the telegraph

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Music from paper and cardboard: the history of the variophone and “drawn sound”
Audio cassettes in culture: why the obsolete format is back in fashion
Bobbinniki: a brief history of reel tape recorders
Do not take off: 6 unusual audio gadgets
Unusual portable - sports car, retro radio and "audio boots"

Computer hardware and software

Enthusiast recreated Sound Blaster 1.0 sound card - what makes the project remarkable
Innovation SSI-2001: the story of one of the rarest sound cards for the IBM PC
Music "by default": what tracks could be found on players and PC
How the PC conquered the media industry with Pro Tools and Media Composer
Open libraries for visualization of audio content

12 thematic resources with tracks licensed under Creative Commons
Where to get audio samples for your projects: a selection of resources
How to write music using OOP
Word for human speech: what he can do
Machine Sound: Neural Network Synthesizers

Audio technology around us

Musical roads - what is it and why they are not in Russia
“We Heard You”: Unusual Audio Technologies in Retail
“It could be”: effective ways to use audio technology
How to read sound from a packet of chips, or what is a “visual microphone”
Friday format: how digital money “sounds”

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What is 8D audio - discussing a new trend
Release of "HD-plate": what is the essence of the new technology
Directional sound: technology that can replace headphones
Audio technology: how pieces of plastic are moved using ultrasound
A sound insulation method has been developed that dampens up to 94% of noise.

Manufacturers and Brands

A brief history of the Klipsch audio brand
From Austria with Love: Acquaintance with AKG
Soviet legend: the history of the factory "Radio Engineering"
Innovative Conservatism: A Bang & Olufsen Story
What kind of music was “wired” in popular OS


SoundCloud History: From Idea to 10th Anniversary of the Project
How an IT company struggled to sell music
Tighten the nuts: Spotify stopped working with the authors directly
For every taste: streaming services for listening to music
Winamp is back - discussing whether he has a chance in the era of streaming

Now streaming services in the US will pay musicians more
Bypassing labels: SoundCloud launched direct deals with musicians
In Canada, proposed to introduce a tax on streaming - what is the problem
EU approves Copyright Directive - platforms against
What is the essence of the conflict between the two most famous streaming companies

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