Why go to 404 Festival this year? Eight reasons

This is no longer news, but suddenly you are not in the know. The legendary 404 Festival will be held in Samara for the ninth time on September 14-15, 2019. And here are eight reasons why you should plan the brightest and most useful weekend of this fall for these dates.

1. Samara

This year we have moved the festival dates to September so that you can fully enjoy the Volga, the sun and the heat. Drink Zhigulevskoye and have crayfish on the delightful Samara Embankment or go to a bar-hop for cozy and colorful establishments with sightseeing along the way.

From Moscow or St. Petersburg to Samara, only 1.5 hours of summer or a night in a comfortable train. Round-trip ticket in the region of 5000 rubles.

2. Atmosphere

Festival 404 has its own atmosphere. It is difficult to describe in words, but easy to feel on yourself. This is such a vigorous mixture of friendly partying and mega-useful content, which is not found at any other IT conference in Russia (or maybe in the world, we did not check :). Denis Kolesnikov (aka Kurazh-Bambey) is responsible for the atmosphere at the festival - the very voice from The Big Bang Theory and the host of the Serial TRENDets.

Just look at the photos on the hashtag # 404fest on Instagram to make it clear about the festival.

3. Sections and speakers

Festival 404 remains true to its traditions. The composition of the speakers in 10 sections is formed by market experts who are responsible for the quality of content with their name and reputation.

So, for example, the most technical section of the Festival, Frontend and Backend, is assembled by Maxim Salnikov from the Norwegian Microsoft office. This section will feature:

and other great speakers .

And this is only 1/10 of the program. And there are also sections:
Mobile Applications, Design, UX, PR and Marketing, Product Management, Management, Business, Philosophy, Project Management, Future Technologies and Quality Control.

4. Special guest

Special guest of 404FEST is Wylsacom youtuber , author of the most popular channel about technology and living in step with the times.

5. Afterpati

At the legendary after party, even the smartest and most serious guys are annealed and sung in karaoke. Such an atmosphere. This is a soulful party not to be missed.

6. Secret program

Those who attended the festival last year know the secret of Room 404. A parallel, never-announced program from Mercury Development, the organizers of the festival, took place here. The secret room has become one of the festival’s chips, a place of unrestrained networking, the opportunity to take a break from useful content and relax.

This year, the 404 Festival takes place in the luxurious conference center of the five-star LOTTE hotel in the historical center of Samara. The new platform is good for everyone, except for one - there is no fourth floor, which means there is no room with the number 404. But do not worry. We came up with something. The secret location at the festival will be - follow the evil rabbit. That is a hare.

7. Talisman

The charismatic, although very unkind, mascot of the 404 Festival - Zayets of Misfortune - is another feature of the festival. The story of his appearance dates back to the accordion meme . Despite the insidious nature, Zayets of Misfortune favors those who come to the 404 festival, and bypasses their plans. You can believe it or not believe it, but if we were given a thousand rubles each time the participants tell how cool their career went uphill after visiting Festival 404, we would pay for the next festival in full.

8. Tickets

They are still there. But it is better not to joke with the Rabbit of Injustice, but rather to buy a ticket . Last year, not everyone was in time. There were even those who purchased a plane ticket to and from Samara, but did not immediately take a ticket to the festival. Then he wrote to us and tearfully begged to sell one ticket. Don't do that, okay?

And if you buy today or tomorrow, you can use the special HABRHABR promotional code. They say that on the festival website our developers hid other promotional codes as well. But this, of course, is a rumor.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/463861/

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