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Good afternoon, Khabrovchans, I want to share my still little experience promoting YouTube channel.

It all started with the fact that I got on the same YouTube video about working with epoxy. I don’t remember which one exactly. And it hooked me, I bought epoxy and started to invent and fill something with my own. It turned out that it is interesting, and it turns out! And I thought: “Why not open your own channel on this topic?” And opened: . Beckoning the laurels of the Pole Jedreka, who has a channel on the same topic with millions of views and almost a million subscribers. And, for sure, he earns a lot of money on his channel.

Beginner Tips

The first very important and not obvious tip: Be sure to create a YouTube account for the channel. By default, there is a Google account. And the name of the channel is your first and last name. I did not know this at the time, and now my name in the Google account is Epoxy, and my last name is Art. So I had to distort, so that the channel name would turn out to be "Epoxy Art". In the YouTube account, you can specify any channel name. You can, of course, then create a YouTube account and reload all existing videos into it, but at the same time your views, comments, likes and subscribers will be lost!

You can create a much-needed YouTube account like this:

Second tip: Make a channel on a specific topic. That is, do not upload there a video about everything in a row, but on one topic. For example: C # lessons, cooking, car repair, apartment repair, gardening, beekeeping, humor and fun, ... anything you like and what you understand. I chose epoxy products. The topic is quite complicated. Firstly: not many are interested in it. Secondly: making a video is quite long and time consuming. But I like this topic.

Third tip: make good videos. The advice, of course, is pretty commonplace. There are two main parameters of video quality: audience retention and total viewing time. Many experts believe that viewing time is more important, and therefore recommend shooting long videos. Here you need a middle ground: videos that are too short have a short viewing time, and videos that are too long bore the viewer and have poor audience retention. The best thing, of course, is to make a long and interesting video so that the viewer watches it from start to finish without shaking it. But, unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve. I try to make a video 10-15 minutes. For example: Heart pendant made of epoxy or Apricot made of epoxy . But on the video Glass for pens , which lasts more than 22 minutes, I spent a lot of time and effort, and he has relatively few views.

Fourth tip: Design your channel well. A nice beautiful hat, video for new users, an interesting description, etc. attracts subscribers. As for the header: keep in mind that it is cropped in the browser, on the tablet or phone it is cropped even more. I did not take this into account, and I have to redo the hat.

Fifth tip: Optimize tags for queries. This is a pretty big topic that I will cover in the next article.

Sixth tip: Promote and promote your video. In order for people to watch your video, they need to know about it. This is an even broader topic, and I will also talk about it in the next article.

And that's all for today.

In the next article or articles I’ll tell you how to optimize tags, how to advertise a video. What tools do I use for video editing, tagging, promotion and promotion.

Write in the comments what other questions you are interested in, and whether this topic is interesting in general and whether it is worth continuing to write about it.


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