c.tech: Cassandra Meetup # 2

At the end of May, we held the first mitap dedicated to Apache Cassandra, during the event we examined typical configurations of nodes and clusters in various production installations, discussed how to expand clusters with increasing data volumes and load, and how to replace failed nodes with minimal effect for clients, we found out how to monitor the cluster, in order to understand in advance where and what exactly does not work, raised the problems of deploying new versions of Cassandra.

But many topics were beyond the scope of the meeting and therefore we decided to continue!

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We at OK started using Apache Cassandra in 2010 to store photo ratings. We are currently the largest users of Apache Cassandra in RuNet and one of the largest in Europe. We have more than a hundred different clusters used both for storing various product information - classes, chats, messages, and for managing critical infrastructure data - mapping logical blocks to large binary storage disks - one-cold-storage , managing one-cloud internal cloud data etc.

In total, in Odnoklassniki under the control of Cassandra there are petabytes of data on thousands of nodes. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in the administration, development and operation of solutions based on Cassandra and even developed our own NewSQL transactional database .

Cassandra Meetup # 2 will be dedicated exclusively to fault tolerance. We will talk about what is meant by the concept of fault tolerance, discuss how to choose the Consistency Level and how it relates to replication and types of requests, consider the situation of node failure and how to test it, tell how to place replicas, and also find out everything about fan failures, the importance of load planning in failures and their testing. The event’s speakers will be Oleg Anastasiev and Alexander Khristoforov .

We are doing this meeting to communicate with colleagues who are also operating Apache Cassandra, so it’s very important for us that all participants understand that the meeting will be held in an open discussion format, that is, communication will take most of the time, therefore we offer you should think ahead about what you would like to discuss at the meeting, and if you are ready to talk about your case related to the operation of Cassandra, we will be happy to give you time to speak. Do not be shy!

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