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How I hate it all. Work, boss, programming, development environment, tasks, the system into which they are written, subordinates with their nozzles, goals, email, Internet, social networks where everyone is amazingly successful, ostentatious love for the company, slogans, meetings, corridors, toilets , faces, funny faces, dress code, planning. I hate everything that happens at work.

I burned out. Long. Even without really starting to work, about a year after the institute, I already hated everything that surrounds me in this damn office. I came to work to hate. They put up with me because in the first year I showed impressive growth. They messed around with me like with a baby. They tried to motivate me, understand, infuriate, teach, guide. And I hated more.

Finally, they could not stand it, and tried to scare me. Yes, I do not do a dick on the current project. Because the project manager, your favorite, pissed off my work for a month, caved in under the client and set me up. Yes, I sit all day, choosing the next song to listen to in the winamp. You called me and said that you would fire me if you ever see this again. Ha.

See, more than once. Just because I hate you. And despise. You morons. You just come and do what you are told. You have been doing so many years in a row. You do not have any changes, neither in position, nor in income, nor in competencies. You are simply attributes of the system you are in. Like tables, chairs, walls, a cooler and a mop. You are so miserable and meaningless that you cannot even realize this.

I can work more and better than you. I have already proven it. But I'm not going to drag the whole company on me. Why me? Why not you? I have enough of my winamp. I don’t need anything else to hate you. I will sit and hate you all day, remembering to take a lunch break.

When you got used to my hatred, I quit. You behaved like chairs - you stopped paying attention to me. What is the point of hating you then? I’ll go to another office, I’ll fade there.

The swing continued for several years. Hatred gave way to indifference. Outright sabotage came to the place of apathy. Sometimes violent activity began if the boss came across hard. Having bitten a bit, with hatred for the whole world, I gave out the result. And again he hated, fell into depression, frankly laughed or trolled everyone he could reach.
I tried to be as toxic as possible, infecting as many people around me as I could with my hatred. Everyone should know how I hate this job. Everyone should sympathize with me, support, help me. But they should not hate work. This is my privilege. I hate you who support me.

This continued, approximately, from 2006 to 2012. Dark time. I remember him as a nightmare. It is strange that I was never fired then - he always left. I have never seen such a vile bastard as Ivan Belokamentsev v.2006-2012.

And then a strange streak began. Everything has changed. More precisely, not so: everything has changed. But I didn’t even notice it. Seven years passed so that I did not notice. During these seven years, the state of burnout has never come to me for more than half a day. But I never wondered why.

I wondered why others didn’t. Topics about burnout are increasingly catching my eye. Recently, I was scrolling through the list of reports at the conference, where I was going to speak soon, I came across Maxim Dorofeev - and so he was going to talk about professional burnout. Articles on this subject often catch my eye.

I look at people, and I can’t understand them. No, they do not hate work, as I did. They are simply indifferent. Burnt out. They are not interested in anything. They say they will. They will not say - they will not.

They will deliver them a plan, a deadline, a standard - they will fulfill it. A bit overfulfilled. After the sleeves, without interest. Well yes, with standards. Designed the same way, through the sleeves. Like machines.

In life, of course, everything is interesting. Listen in the kitchen, or stumble upon a friend from work in social networks - life is in full swing. One is a bicycle fan. Another - covered all the mountains of the Urals. The third is a volunteer. Everyone has something.

And at work, 8 hours of life, 9 taking into account lunch, 10 with the road, they are all like zombies. Neither fire in the eyes nor sewed in the ass. The manager is not interested in selling more. The head does not care about improving the performance of the department. The programmer does not insert to figure out why it does not work. At least for the sake of professional interest.

More or less live and move those with a boss - a goat. And even better - Kozlin. Constantly presses, raises the bar, increases the standards, does not allow to relax. Such employees, as in Vysotsky’s song, were gloomy and angry, but they walked. They are also burnt out, but they are constantly doing defibrillation, and at the very least something is being squeezed out of them. In the evening they will reboot, whoever knows how, coffee is inflated in the morning, and drove off.

It became interesting why I did not. More precisely, why I used to be constantly burnt out, and now - I almost never happen.

For 7 years I go to work with joy, every day. During this time I changed 3 places. At work, I had disgusting, from a normal point of view, days, weeks, and months. They tried to sit me down, survive, humiliate, kick me out, fill up with tasks and projects, convict of incompetence, reduced my salary, lowered my position, even drove me out of work. But I still go to work with joy every day. Even if they manage to spoil my mood, and I burn out, then, after a few hours I’m reborn, like a Phoenix bird.

The other day I realized what the difference is. Two situations helped. First, I now work a lot with young people, which has not happened for a long time. The second - for the first time in my life, I wrote a letter of thanks. A person from that place of work that was in 2012 and has changed something in me. While preparing dithyrambs for him, I tried to understand what exactly happened there. Well, I figured it out.

It's simple: I always have my own goal within the system.

This is not a self-help, self-hypnosis or any esoteric practice, but a completely pragmatic approach.

Its first part is to treat any work as an opportunity. I used to do how: I came to some company, looked around, gave an assessment. If you like it, ok, I'm working. If you do not like it, I sit and burn out. Everything is not right, everything is wrong, all idiots are engaged in nonsense.

Now I don’t give an assessment in terms of “like” / “dislike”. I just look at what is, and determine what opportunities this system offers, and how I can use them. When you are looking for opportunities without rating, you find exactly opportunities, not disadvantages.

It's like, roughly speaking, to be on a desert island. You can lie down and lie down, Nov and complaining about fate, until you decay. And you can go and at least inspect the island. Find water, food, shelter, determine the presence of predators, natural sources of danger, etc. Anyway, you're already here, why whine? For a start - survive. Then - settle down in comfort. Well, develop. It certainly won’t be worse.

I also use this analogy: work is a project. Before you subscribe to this project - choose, analyze, compare, give estimates. But, when it already fits in, it’s too late to whine - you need to get the maximum benefit. On ordinary projects in which everyone participates, we do so. Infrequently, someone escapes from the project team if something is not pleasant (except for cases when he was mistaken in the initial assessment).

A focused search for opportunities leads to a strange effect - you find them. Not standard, such as performing tasks and getting paid for it. This is the facade of the system, and you went here to work for it. But inside, if you look closely, there will be a whole bunch of opportunities that are not visible from the outside. Moreover, completely ownerless, because few people pay attention to them - everyone is busy with solving problems and getting money for it.

Most of us work in some kind of business. We were allowed into this business like a goat in a garden. After all, a person from the street cannot go into your office, sit down on an empty seat, start solving problems, get your salary, drink coffee from a cup and climb the career ladder? No, your job is a private club.

You were given a subscription to this private club. You can come every day, even on weekends, and work at least 8, at least 24 hours a day. Few people have the opportunity to work at your job. You have been given this opportunity, it remains to take advantage. Like that.

The second and main part of the approach is its goal. I'll start with an example.

In communicating with programmers and project managers, I had a long gap in understanding. They all said - now, we have such and such tasks, and we have many of them, and have given projects, customers are demanding, you don’t agree with them, everything is tough there, nobody is listening and not going to listen to us.

And in response I said - damn it, dudes, because the task is a shnag, why are you doing it? Why don’t you get better at this or that? After all, there it is more interesting and more useful, both for you and for business? And dudes answered - uh, why are you, moron, how can we do what we weren’t entrusted with? We carry out tasks and implement projects that have been put to our plan.

When I worked as an IT director at a factory, paradoxically, I initiated more than half of the projects and tasks myself. Not because there were few requirements from customers - more than enough. It’s just more interesting to solve your projects and tasks. Therefore, I set myself the tasks myself. Even if you knew for sure that soon the customer himself would come running with the same task.

There are two important points. The first - who first got up, that and slippers. Simply put, whoever initiated the project will lead it. What for do I need a supply automation project led by a supply manager? I’ll do a great job myself. When I lead a project, I am interested in it. And the supply manager will be a consultant and executor of some of the tasks.

The second moment - whoever pays the girl dances her. Who initiated the project and manages it determines what will be done in this project. The final goal in both cases is about the same, but if the project is led by a subject, it’s garbage — he begins to write TK, tries to shift his thoughts into technical terms, encounters IT resistance (naturally), and the result is a meaningless shnyag. And when the IT director manages the project, it turns out much better - he understands business goals and can translate them into the language of technology.

At first, it caused serious resistance, but then people saw the result and realized that it was better - because they got more than when they asked "to make me a button here, and here a cookie." And I’m interested, because the project is mine.

Its purpose is the injection, gene modification for work. Any task that they give me, I poke my goal with a syringe, and the task becomes "mine." And I do my task with pleasure.

There are a million examples.

Put me, roughly speaking, some kind of plan for the month to solve problems. And I, if you remember, a fan of speeding up work - this is one of my goals. Well, I’m doing an injection, or, with the light hand of some commentator, “a bite of Belokamentsev” - and, using simple techniques, sherat 250% of the plan. Not because they will pay more for it, or they will give some kind of grade - simply because it is my goal. The consequences are not long in coming.

Or the new director tells me that he wants only high-quality IT service. I told him - hey, man, but I still know how this and this. No, he says, only high-quality service, and put all your "superpowers" in your ass. Ok, I am injecting and creating a service with measurable parameters that exceed its expectations by 4 times. The consequences are not long in coming.

Asks the director to display on his screen the performance of the company. I know that he will play and throw in a week - the wrong person. I make an injection, and add one of my long-playing goals - the creation of universal tools for widespread use. The director quit in a week, and the whole company got hooked. Then I rewrote it from scratch, and now I am successfully selling it.

And so with any task. Everywhere you can either find or add something useful or interesting for yourself. Not to do, and then seek out, “what we learned in today's lesson,” but in advance, with a clear statement for ourselves. Although, of course, there are unexpected exhausts that were not planned in advance. But that's another topic.

For example, this text. When writing it, I pursue several goals at once. Do not try to understand which ones. Although you can guess one without difficulty - the plus set by you will help in achieving the secondary goal of "getting a little money for the text." But it is, after all, secondary - look at the ratings of my articles yourself, there is such a sinusoid.

I think the meaning is clear - you need to add something of your own, a piece of the goal, to combine vectors into any task, project, routine, benefiting the maximum number of recipients - yourself, business, customer, colleagues, boss, etc. This game in vectors in itself is rather fascinating and will not let you burn out and get bored.

There is, however, a minus. Having your own goals is so obvious that it catches your eye. Therefore, I periodically experience difficulties in working with bosses and colleagues. They see that I constantly play some kind of game, but they don’t understand its meaning and believe that I’ve conceived something vile.

When, finally, they decide and ask, I honestly tell. But they do not believe it, because the explanation sounds too unusual to them. They are used to employees who “just work,” and here they’re using some methods, theories, goals, experiments.

They have the feeling that I’m not working for a business, but a business for me. And they are right, but only half. And I work for business, and, excuse me, business for me. Not because I am a villain, but because it is normal and mutually beneficial. Just unusual, and therefore causes rejection.

After all, everyone wants order, clarity and cliches. That the person came, sat down, bowed his head and worked hard, achieving the goals of the company. Make a substitution, embellishing the goals of the company and exposing them as human goals. It seems like, achieve our goals, and you will reach yours. But this, alas, is a lie. You can check on your example.

You can’t just rely on the goals of the company. They are almost always the same - profit, growth in depth and breadth, markets, products, competition and, most importantly, stability. Including - growth stability.

If you rely only on the goals of the company, you won’t achieve anything. For myself, in the sense. Because the business wrote these goals for itself, there is nothing for the employee. Well, that is, of course, there is, but according to the residual principle. It’s like “let’s tell them that it’s prestigious to work with us!” Or “we have interesting tasks”, or “we quickly become professionals here”. And, of course, tea, cookies, and "what else do they need there, damn it ... a coffee machine, or what?"

Actually, that's why people burn out, probably. There is no goal, but strangers, knowingly or subconsciously, quickly get bored.

Long ago, I realized that this technique should be used in working with subordinates - let them also be Phoenixes. Unfortunately, there is a lot to observe, think, talk with people and take into account their interests and goals. To begin with - recognizing them, these goals.

Take at least money. Yes, I know, many say that money is not the goal. If you have a salary in Russia of 500k, then, probably, the money is not very interesting for you. But if you get 30, 50, even 90 thousand rubles, then after 2014, you probably do not feel very comfortable, especially if you have a family. So, money is a great goal. Those who have 500k, do not listen - a full hungry one does not understand. And the phrase "money cannot serve the purpose" was invented by employers so that people are satisfied with cookies.

Talking with employees about money is dangerous. It is much simpler to delicately keep silent, not to rock the boat. When you come to ask yourself - you can otmazatsya. When they come to demand, you can give in a little. Well, etc., you yourself know how this happens.

And I like talking with people about money. And, to be honest, I have not seen a single person who would say "ah, I do not need money." I’m lying, I saw one - Artyom, hello. Everyone else wanted money, but did not know with whom to talk about this topic.

Actually, in this case, you simply focus on money, a “money injection” in any task or project. In any company there is either a clear, or muddy, but a scheme for increasing income. I will not dwell on this for long; there are several articles in Career Steroids. But a twinkle in the eyes of people is added.

Often there is the goal of improving competencies. Sometimes it is directly formed, indicating a specific area. A person wants to study technology, framework, subject area, customer industry, etc. This is generally a thrill, because such a person can be thrown off all the tasks on the chosen topic, even the most stupid ones - he will be happy. Well, without fanaticism, of course, otherwise you’ll beat a person’s love for the goal, get a minus in karma.

Many are interested in career growth - either in the professional direction, or in the career, or in general the transition to another area of ​​activity, for example, to leave the programmers as managers. It’s not a question - it’s enough to add the sauce to the appropriate goal in any task or project, and the person will not burn out.

Well, etc. There are exotic options, like leaving the profession altogether, buying a house in the village and moving the whole family there. Personally, I saw two of these.We take and turn the current work into a vector of a person’s goal - he needs to save a certain, rather large amount of money, and finally topple out of the city. That's it, the shot is done. Any task is not just a task, but a log from his village house, or half a piglet, or two decent shovels.

Gradually, a community of such individualists gathers around. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a fire in his eyes. Everyone comes to work with joy, because he knows why - his goal to achieve. Everyone is ready for experiments, the application of new working methods, the search and application of opportunities, the development of competencies, even adventures. Because he knows why, where each brick of the solved problem will stand in the big house that he is building.

Well, if dirty tricks do happen - without it, then a person will gobble for an hour, maybe two, it happens that day, but the next morning always comes back, like a Phoenix bird. And to hell with what you do.

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