The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 376 (August 12 - 18, 2019)

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podcast Web Standards podcast # 189 : MathML, lazy pictures, CSS modules, BEM or CSS-in-JS, privacy, CSS-Minsk-JS
podcast UnderJS Podcast # 3 : Sacred Prediction for Creating GitHub Actions
podcast CSSSR Podcast : News 512 - Indian Intelligence, JS Games, HTTP / 2 Vulnerabilities, React IDEs and JS Testing
podcast Podcast “Frontend Weekend” # 96 : Dima Korolev on why you need to become the head of a doctor
podcast Podcast “Frontend Youth (18+)” # 104 : Why the front end grows through the ass
podcast Make Me Beautiful Podcast # 22 : The Horrors of Game Dev, Translation, and UX
podcast React Five Minute Podcast : Nest.js
podcast UnderJS Podcast # 2 : What should a real Backend look like on NodeJS?
video Repozitorro # 25 : 100% open source, or unlock the potential of Codepen!

Web development

habr Why is modern web development so complicated? Part 1
en Deep immersion in modern web development . Free online course with detailed explanations and examples
en What is GraphQL: History, Components and the Ecosystem
en A selection of awesome demos on web technology "Awesome Demos Roundup" # 7


habr .container is no longer needed
en Chrome plans to implement CSS Modules, a draft from Microsoft, which allows you to import styles for components from an external file instead of embedding CSS in JS
en Why do browsers load style sheets with inappropriate media queries?
en Multi-line truncated text with a “show more” button (in pure CSS)
en What is CSS - Implementing Trigonometry in SCSS and Lessons Learned
en Styling checkboxes 2019 - accessible, simple, in pure CSS
en Animating Variable Fonts with CSS and Splitting JS
en Context utility classes for color with custom properties
en Different perspectives of CSS-in-JS


Neural networks in Javascript
Array methods
habr Etching data with travajs
en JQuery history and heritage
en Comprehensive and comprehensive recommendations for testing JavaScript and Node.js (August 2019)
en Typescript in the real world - why and how to use it
en How I rewrote our TypeScript codebase in a week
en 5 interesting uses of JavaScript restructuring
en How to create an encryption machine using JavaScript


habr Understanding Google Chrome Convert HTML to PDF Features
Firefox 70 will tighten notifications and restrictions for ftp
In Firefox 70 plan to change the display of HTTPS and HTTP in the address bar
Chrome 77 and Firefox 70 will stop certificate verification with advanced verification
Google robs Chrome of FTP support


How Facebook scales chat architecture with a load of billions of messages per day
Research: the number of search queries on Google without going to sites for the first time exceeded 50%
Researcher received fines of $ 12,000 by changing the license plate number of the car to “NULL”
Google introduced Lexend - a new font for faster reading of documents and spreadsheets
Google: only 26% of users agreed to change their password when they learned that it was compromised

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