How to visualize sound on the web: a selection of thematic materials and video lectures with theory and practice

Last time we prepared a digest for you with open libraries for visualizing audio content and decided to find materials on how to work with all this. The result is a selection of guides on the topic for developers of web applications or games.

Photo s_keller / Pixabay
In our blog on Habré -> Reading for the weekend: 65 materials about streaming, the history of the old "musical iron", audio technologies and the history of acoustic manufacturers

Theory and History


Additional reading - from our "World of Hi-Fi":

How to write music using OOP
What kind of music was “wired” in popular OS
Musical programming - who does it and why
How the PC conquered the media industry: discussing Pro Tools and Media Composer
Where to get audio samples for your projects: a selection of nine resources
12 thematic resources with tracks licensed under Creative Commons
Innovation SSI-2001: the story of one of the rarest sound cards for the IBM PC
Enthusiast recreated Sound Blaster 1.0 sound card: why the project is remarkable

At us on Habré -> Sound cards as a way to plunge into the atmosphere of an unfamiliar city


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