How they live and work in Krasnodar

Among people working remotely in IT and not only, the habit of leaving for warm places like Thailand, Indonesia or India is popular. For a month or two, or even more. The climate is more pleasant there, life is cheaper: so why not sit at a laptop with a view of the salt water? We know a way to get to a place with a pleasant climate faster and easier.

Here, for example, Krasnodar. In terms of climate, everything is fine there: mild, rather warm winters; hot, but not to hellish hell, summer; The Black Sea is 120 km, the Sea of ​​Azov is 140. Life is noticeably cheaper than in the capitals, and the city itself is smaller - and therefore quieter and calmer. In addition, Krasnodar has bonuses that Thailand cannot offer: for example, a fairly active IT community. And not only.

To find out a better city, we turned to Skyeng developer Alexander Fedotov - he lives in Krasnodar and, like most of our developers, works remotely. With Sasha’s help, we found out the main thing you need to know about this city if you go there for a couple of days, weeks, months — or more.


You will rent a one-room apartment for 12-15 thousand a month, although there are luxurious options for 40. A two-room apartment will cost 15-20 a month, and if you want to boo, lay out 60 thousand.

Prices for renting a private house start at 16 - yes, it is small, but it is with utility bills, albeit without payment according to meter readings. For 100k per month, you can rent a house for a fun company - four bedrooms, a lounge with a fireplace and a heated pool.

View of affordable rental housing from space. You can search for a rented apartment on the same TsIANe, from where we took this screen.

the Internet

It will not be difficult to connect the Internet in a rented apartment, even if you are a tenant: choose a provider and tariff, conclude an agreement in your name, call a technician, profit. Almost any home will have several providers to choose from: Beeline, MTS, Rostelecom.

Every city should have Lenin Street. We decided to find out how much the world wide web is for the people on it.

You can compare operators and tariffs at a specific address, for example, here . Scatter - from 100 to 600 rubles per month.

With the Internet in a private house it can be more difficult, it is better to find out with the owner. However, the situation is gradually improving: optics are being pulled to private homes.

Where to work

If you do not work in the office, there are not so many comfortable places for quiet work in the city. But they are.

So, there are about 30 coworking and anticafe. True, Sasha says that the Internet in such places is usually not very good and, for example, calls can be a problem. Nevertheless, he speaks well of the “Third Place” coworking at the Gallery Krasnodar shopping center - affordable and comfortable in atmosphere. A list of other places, for example, here .

Something from the interiors of the third place coworking

Work in Krasnodar cafes is not very accepted. Perhaps because it is not too comfortable: it is often noisy, and the Internet leaves much to be desired. Other public spaces like parks are also not always suitable - it can be quite dusty in the city, at such a time you can’t sit in the open air with a laptop.

How and what to navigate

A trip from the airport to the very center (on Theater Square) on Yandex.Taxi will cost about 300 rubles. Other major services are represented in the city - Gett, Uber, Fasten, Maxim, "Lucky."

The slogan of this project is as if hinting

In Krasnodar, traffic jams comparable to Moscow occur. But for those who prefer to drive themselves, Delimobile works.

Moving around the city is often easier and faster on foot, by bicycle or by electric scooter . You can not only buy the latter, but also rent them. Unfortunately, it is worth considering that the infrastructure of bike paths in the city is practically nonexistent. The most daring of cyclists and users of scooters decide to ride along the roadway, the rest share sidewalks with pedestrians.

Several scooter rental services have already appeared in the city, for example, this one .

There are suburban and intracity trains in Krasnodar - the schedule can be viewed on the project 's website “Grounds” . Activists hope that soon the matter will reach the ground metro, but so far it is only in the plans.

Where to relax

Kuban River. Bridge of Kisses between the main promenade and the cape of the Park of Culture and Rest. 30th anniversary of Victory

Krasnodar is sometimes called the southern capital of Russia, and there are many cultural events here. "Poster" to help you! For a change, we will advise the Krasnodar Academic Drama Theater - the season will begin in September.

On a weekend evening, walk along Krasnoarmeyskaya Street - there are concentrated clubs that are worth going to concerts.

The red street from the beginning to the Drama Theater is a pedestrian for all weekends and holidays, so it’s also worth a walk here. It is also worth a visit to the park adjacent to the new Krasnodar stadium. It is not very large, but well arranged, and it is called one of the most modern urban spaces in Russia.

The stadium itself, by the way, also deserves attention. Opened in 2016, it seats 35 thousand people and has all the highest tolerances: the right to host the finals of the World and European Football Championships, as well as matches of all stages of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

If you know what kind of design in front of the shopping center, write

Other ways to spend your free time are waiting for you in shopping and entertainment centers - cinema, restaurants, bowling, skating rinks, karaoke, children's areas and attractions, trampoline parks, go-karts and much more. The largest are “Red Square”, “OZ Mall”, “Gallery Krasnodar”.

Repair technique

It is not worth contacting the first service repair service that you get - and they can break it, and not return it at all. The most reliable way: search the manufacturer’s website for authorized services and contact them. If not, you need to go to the main regional forum and ask for advice there.

Where to look

The main social network is VKontakte. The main messengers are WhatsApp and Telegram. The main forum is . He is a valuable source of information about the city and the region. The portal has two main sections: news and, in fact, a forum. According to our developer Sasha, everything you need to find out can be found there. By the way, there is a section about Internet technologies , where an incredibly wide range of topics is discussed.

Regional news can also be found in Typical Krasnodar VKontakte, Telegram and Instagram communities should not be neglected.

To navigate the terrain, it is better to use Yandex.Maps - they are more accurate. Google Maps are good in terms of panoramas, but they have problems with address accuracy.

See a man with a thermal bag? And he is

You can also order food delivery from Yandex - the service aggregates a lot of restaurants. Another option is to use mobile networking applications like Papa Jones and others.

UPD. In a chat of the local community, we were also recommended a food delivery service with Krasnodar roots Broniboy.

You can try searching for artists for various small services at the regional YouDo . True, the service was launched in all cities of Russia only last year, so there are not so many ads here.

About work

They say that when Krasnodar needs to find work, the first thing he goes to My circle is to let his network of contacts know. The second thing is on HeadHunter. And if this does not help, you can try searching on the already mentioned forum

The spread of salaries is large: somewhere from 15 to 150 thousand rubles a month. The amount of income depends largely on who you work for - and whether you take part-time jobs.

If you plan to get an office, typical employers may include:

If you prefer udalenka, an important group of employers is start-ups or already adult companies that are looking for talented personnel throughout Russia and the CIS. For example, at Skyeng, all developers work in distributed teams and are always happy to have smart colleagues with knowledge of PHP and Angular. By the way, we will be glad to talk about the udalenka at the nearest Krd.Dev on the sidelines.

And finally - a party

The main competitive advantage of Krasnodar over Thailand (and even, perhaps, India): the local community. Over the past few years, a lot of movement has appeared in the city: both one-time and regular meetings and conferences.

Three meetings have already been held by the RedCode community. There is a local Google Developers Group in Krasnodar, focused on technology, which company is clear.

But the main “attraction” of the Krasnodar IT is Krasnodar Dev Days team, which has been regularly organizing interesting events for three years now.

Now Krasnodar Dev Days are responsible for the directions: front, back, Java, Python. Downtown Mark Langovoy, founder of the community

In total, the guys have seven people in the team, they have already held more than a dozen events. The main feature of the team is that for organizing meetings they do not look for a sponsor, but make the entry paid. According to Mark, this helps to simultaneously recoup the costs of the organization and not depend on the opinion of the sponsor. Although, they are open to suggestions.

In addition to the meetups, the guys moderate chats for front- and back- developers, a Python chat, a chat about vacancies and job search , and a large VKontakte community , which publishes announcements of everything that happens in the city in the IT field.

Their main event is the annual, the fourth Krasnodar Dev Conf, will happen on August 24-25 . There will be reports from Skyeng:

There will be really a lot of cool guys, come this or next year

Many thanks for the help with the preparation of the article to Alexander Fedotov, Mark Langovoy and Katerina Romanenko, as well as to the guys from the community chat in a telegram.

ps Supplement the post with valuable information and impressions about the city in the comments, this will help others. Thank!


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