Remote work in full-time mode: where to start if you are not senior

Today, many IT companies are faced with the problem of finding employees in their region. More and more offers on the labor market are associated with the possibility of working outside the office - remotely.

Work in full-time remote mode implies that the employer and employee are bound by clear labor obligations: a contract or an employment contract; most often, a certain normalized work schedule, a stable salary, vacations and other features that are often inherent to those who spend their working days in the office.
The advantages of constant remote work for everyone who decided to leave the office are their own. The ability to work for large foreign companies without moving to another geographical region, stability, in comparison with freelance - this is probably the main thing that can attract our compatriot. A high level of competition is the main difficulty faced by the applicant when entering the search for work in the international labor market.
What it is worth to be prepared for and how to increase the chances of success - we will try to figure it out further.

Do you speak English?

Most companies offering remote job vacancies are quite loyal to your non-ideal English, but you need to understand that ignorance of grammar and spelling can play a cruel joke and become decisive when choosing a candidate for the position. Even with a high level of technical knowledge, a low level of knowledge of a foreign language significantly reduces the overall level of your professionalism, communication and understanding of the details.

Usually Intermediate level (B1, medium) is enough, but not lower. If your level of English does not reach the average, then you will have to postpone the search for work until it becomes appropriate.

Github and Linkedin Profiles

A big plus for the applicant will be the presence of a developer profile on Github. Some companies in the requirements for the candidate determine the presence of a profile on Github as mandatory, because thanks to him, the employer can evaluate the skill of the developer and his reputation, get confirmation of his professional activity.

This does not mean that the Github profile should be required, but that it will be an undoubted advantage for any company is for sure.

No less important for the recruitment manager will be your current profile on Linkedin, which can be considered as a confirmation of your experience and skills.

There is an unwritten rule according to which, if the HR manager during the first 15 seconds of viewing the profile on Linkedin cannot determine your main specialization, then he proceeds to the next candidate. Despite the conventional nature of this approach, this rule works, so before you start sending resumes, pay attention to your online profile so that the potential employer has no chance to lose sight of all your professional talents.

How to apply for a resume?

Your resume should undoubtedly correspond to the purpose indicated in it. For the convenience of the employer, it is not necessary to include in the resume work experience that will not be interesting for the position, therefore, for each position, a resume is compiled separately, since such a resume will be highlighted thanks to the skills and capabilities that you possess.

A resume does not have strict design rules, but there are still some requirements that should be followed. For example, a resume of more than two pages will not be a plus. First of all, indicate the position (goal) of the resume, your skills and knowledge in the professional field (skills), and then - the knowledge of languages ​​and the so-called soft skills (personal qualities).

Experience includes the name of the organization, position and period of work, and responsibilities can be neglected. Education is usually the last position in a resume.

In case of difficulties with the resume, you can always turn to some resource on the network for help, where you can find a ton of information on how to properly format ( in English, and Also, which is very useful for beginners, a list of all kinds of IT skills ( and technical skills ( for your resume.

It should be noted that if you submit a resume for consideration, then a cover letter will be a plus. Just like a resume, a cover letter is compiled separately for each position.

Online Job Search

If you have already encountered the problem of finding a job full-time remote, then we can say that finding a suitable vacancy is not as easy as it might seem. Despite the fact that the number of offers for permanent remote work in IT is constantly growing, offers for everyone are still not enough.

Often, our compatriots complain that, in most cases, European employers are looking for candidates in Europe, and in the USA it is necessary to have a work permit and, most often, to live there permanently.

In addition, the most popular offers that you will receive when searching for vacancies on international resources, such as, will be javascript, ruby, php developers, and competition with job seekers from Africa and India is almost unbearable. If you look at vacancies fluently, it can be noted that 90% of the proposals are presented for senior level specialists, and middle, and even less so, junior, may not count on a job offer at all.

But not everything is as sad as it looks at first glance.

For example, an English-language resource like can help you find a job for a jobseeker located anywhere in the world with a junior / middle, junior specialization with training and even entry-Level. The undoubted advantage of this site can be called the fact that it offers vacancies not only for developers, but also for engineers and administrators.

The resource will help the applicant from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus. The site is equipped with convenient filters for language skills, skills, type of work, region, location. There are options for junior level. Need registration, login via facebook or linkedin.

The resource can be called the base for job seekers with remote work. The proposed vacancies are divided into those that are tied to the geographical location of the applicant, and those for which the place of residence of the candidate does not matter. Jobs are presented by sections in areas of specialization. There are vacancies for beginners.

It is worth noting that the claimed resources are free, which will be a definite plus for a beginner.

Remote-job community on social networks

A great help for a novice specialist will be online communities and groups on social networks dedicated to the topic of full-time remote job.

For example, Facebook groups “Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities” , Digital Nomad Jobs and others accept job seekers and employers as their subscribers. Groups post vacancy announcements, news regarding remote work, Q & A discussions, etc.

To summarize, one who seeks will always find, and possession of additional information will never be superfluous. I hope that the material presented will help beginners who want to start a career in full-time remote mode in the near future to begin their productive work outside the office.


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