If the boss ordered to take up the site: the only site in RuNet for tenders in the field of digital

Regularly visiting freelance sites in both roles - both the performer and the customer, I often find repetitive motives in the description of many tasks, such as there will be a lot of “agency and studio not to offer” tasks . So, this review is for those who under the relationship "customer-executor" means the relationship of two organizations, not two people.

The section of tenders on the websites of Runet Rating and CMS Magazine has existed since 2011, but now, three thousand tenders later, this is a separate service workspace.ru/b2b . Workspace is not the only tender site in Runet, however, it is the only one focused on the selection of companies providing services in the field of digital; platforms like RosTender or Is-zakupki are not specialized for this kind of tasks - with all the consequences.

However, to be useful is not enough to be unique. The main feature of Workspace is the automatic selection of potential performers: when adding a tender to the site, the system sends an invitation to participate to the performers who are suitable for the task parameters. Six companies from Moscow got an invitation to take part in my small tender.

Moreover, it took me about five minutes to create a tender, after fifteen minutes it was checked by the Workspace editor, and after another seven minutes I received a reaction from the first potential participant.

Given that my tender was created exclusively for reporting purposes, King Bird Studio reacted to it absolutely correctly

How to create a tender

The tender is possible both from a private person and on behalf of the company - preliminary registration is not required for this, if this is your first time on the site, an account will be created automatically by the e-mail specified when filling out the application.

Most important: budget. For the parameters of my task (prototyping, design and programming an application for iOS), the average budget, as it turned out, is 200-400 thousand rubles in Moscow.

Not enough for Moscow? If you specify “turnkey” in the conditions of the application, then the plug will cost from two hundred and fifty thousand to a million rubles per application (on average). A “turnkey” corporate site is from one hundred and fifty to six hundred thousand rubles. Such customization is the result of the profile of the site, focused specifically on the digital services market.

When creating a tender, you can choose the composition of the service, the geography of the contractor and indicate whether the tender participants can see each other's bids.

The system sent invitations to six participants to my application, but the general catalog is much more impressive.

All workspace.ru/b2b services are completely free for both tender organizers and teams. And for professionals working individually, a section of regular freelance services has opened on Workspace.

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