Intel Quartz Canyon - NUC for Professionals

Since the advent of the Intel NUC mini-PC, I have humanly lacked two of its varieties: with passive cooling and the Xeon processor inside (I emphasize that we are talking about different models). The first dream came true, so to speak, with the help of third parties , the second one was also probably realized by one of our Chinese comrades. But on the Intel blog, we are trying to talk about the successes of the official industrial NUC-building, and here it is success - the first NUC with a server processor, support for powerful graphics cards and an innovative internal device.

The main distinguishing features of the new items are as follows:

As you can see from the photo and specifications, we have more than the NUC in its usual form. More literally and figuratively, both in size and in capabilities. Intel named this NUC Workstation device. Indeed, this small PC is well suited for working with a variety of media content, CAD, financial systems ... well, for gaming purposes, of course, too.

We do not yet have official beautiful photos of Intel Quartz Canyon, however, he managed to light up at one of the Asian exhibitions, here is a live photo of his engineering sample.

The photo shows a card slot, built-in power supply and connectors. And here is another interesting photo revealing the internal device of Intel Quartz Canyon. The processor, memory and binding are made in the form of a separate PCIe card with additional power, which is inserted into the case as in a riser. Thus, the replacement of the platform is performed by a simple permutation of the module.

The start date for sales has not yet been officially announced, but apparently, this will happen very soon. Then we find out the price.


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