Huskies: remove, leave, replace? Than?

After the news about testing hiding likes on Instagram and Vkontakte, I thought about the purpose and alternatives of these marks in terms of managing information and consequences.

In this article, I would like to speculate about options, wording, and how changes could affect user behavior. I hope with your help to complete the picture. Like here is understood as a generalized opportunity in one click to express your attitude to the material.

Like features

Like Options



Weak spots

What could be changed and what effect should be expected?

One of the valuable features of a like is standard. Like is like a “sandwich” menu in mobile applications. On any platform, you immediately understand how to interact with it. You look for him, you are surprised if you do not find it right away. However, due to the weaknesses described above, such standardization does not always benefit the case. In my opinion, different platforms should look for their options for improving the familiar solution.

Reflecting on hypothetical options, I do not want to miss even the most absurd at first glance options.

Hypothetical options



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