22 sites for a programmer to help you speak English

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Made a selection of 22 sites for learning English.
A selection will help you learn English easily, without cramming and textbooks.

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Learn vocabulary

Plugins, mobile applications and sites that will help you translate and remember unfamiliar terms from Russian to English and vice versa.

Leo Translator

With this plugin it is convenient to correspond with colleagues. It automatically translates obscure words and phrases. An indispensable tool when there is no time for thorough translations and an urgent answer is needed.


A universal English-Russian dictionary that can be used on a computer and in a phone. Translates single words, phrases, and idioms. There are examples of how the same term is used in a different context.

Computer language

Encyclopedia of computer and technical terms. Each word has a detailed description, examples of use and a mini-article with interesting facts.

Tech terms

English translator with tests on knowledge of computer basics. Bonus - the "word of the day" section, which is updated every day. If you look at least here periodically, you can learn professional slang and keep abreast of trends.

IT Glossary

Another professional translator of technical terms. All explanations and examples are in English.

Blair English

In this dictionary, vocabulary is grouped by topics: symbols, computer problems, web page or code. There are still lessons - notes and tests for memorization.

Understand by ear

A selection of podcasts and videos for programmers that have a lot of colloquial vocabulary and IT terms.

Learn To Code With Me

Podcast for beginners in programming. Leading Lawrence is a self-taught programmer who has mastered the profession from scratch and now shares her experience with others. She explains in simple language how to find a dream job, negotiate with a customer and become a professional in her field.

Full stack radio

The podcast discusses how to write software or a top-end application, test your product and code.


Podcast for iOS programmers. Guests talk about the development of mobile applications, share life hacks, technologies and useful tools that will be useful in work.

YouTube Tutorials

The most affordable way to get used to colloquial speech and professional vocabulary. You need to select a topic of interest and enable subtitles. If something is not clear, you can pause it or repeat it several times.

Strange loop

The largest technical conference that you can listen to online. Suitable for those who have English above average. At Strange Loop, the latest industry news is presented, new ideas and developments are presented, tips are shared.

Put a pronunciation

Mobile applications and video tutorials that will teach you how to pronounce words and speak without accent.


Two in one: you can learn new words and memorize their pronunciation. There are several cards in each lesson. All you need to do is remember the picture, reproduce the term and repeat it out loud.

BBC Learning English

Short videos where they explain how to pronounce complex sounds in three to five minutes. The host tells what mistakes are made by foreigners and how to fix them. Each issue has a transcription and tasks for working out the topic.

Marina Mogilko Canal

Cofounder YouTube Channel LinguaTrip.com. Marina lives in the USA and talks about how to put the right emphasis, talk as a carrier and communicate with foreigners without fear.

To speak

Social networks where you can find friends and chat on any topic to pump spoken English.

Polyglot club

Online platform where they communicate with people from around the world. You need to create a profile, indicate the level of English and start the search. If you liked your interlocutor, you can call him on Skype.


Each profile is moderated, all interlocutors are reliable. To start a dialogue, you need to send a message. After that, additional functions are available: joint games, correction of texts, audio and video calls.

Chat with your

Online platforms where you can ask experienced developers a question and share your experience.

Stack overflow

One of the most famous forums for programmers according to Alexa Internet. Here you can find answers to various questions or ask your own.


Another forum for developers by topic. They often share life hacks that are difficult to find on the network on their own.

Software engineering

A platform for communication between experienced developers. Here they will tell you how to write code, find a mistake or simplify your work.

Keep up to date with the news

Online publications about what is happening in the field of development, support and new technologies.


One of the most famous sites. It discusses IT news from around the world. Registered users publish links to trends and latest news, discuss with industry professionals.

Smashing magazine

Professional magazine for developers with useful features, tips and trends. Practitioners who have a lot to learn are writing.

Developer tech

News portal with news, conference announcements and free resources for developers.


Choose your favorite services and learn English along with professional development in development

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