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There are many articles on web analytics on the Internet, but finding really worthwhile and consistently grouped materials is not easy.

Therefore, I made for you a large selection of materials for self-study.
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I note that the list of materials will be updated.

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Introduction to Web Analytics

What is web analytics and why do you need it?
A detailed guide to web traffic analytics
What are the sources of traffic
What errors occur when working with Google Analytics and how to deal with them
How to Customize Views in Google Analytics - A Detailed Guide
18 Metrics and KPIs of Internet Marketing You Should Know
Key Terms in Web Analytics
What are UTM tags and how to apply them
Glossary: ​​basic web analytics concepts
What is ROI and what nuances should be considered when calculating it
Attribution Models - Detailed Review and Comparison
Google attribution models
What is A / A testing and how to conduct it
6 tips for novice web analytics

Google analytics

Getting started with Google Analytics
Google Analytics Help (How to set up Analytics)
Google Analytics for beginners: the most comprehensive guide in Runet
Introducing the analytics reporting interface
Introducing Google Analytics for Beginners
Google Analytics Settings Checklist
How to analyze online shopper behavior in Google Analytics
4 ways to load advertising costs in Google Analytics
The basics of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (16 video lessons from Adventum)
The basics of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Setting up reports on channels and audience (6 video lessons from Adventum)
Google walkthroughs on setting up GA
Upload data from Google Analytics to Google Sheets
How to display the full page address in Google Analytics
Complete Guide to Custom Metrics in Google Analytics
Analytics Goal Setting Guide: Simple Learning
How to capture the maximum real Google Analytics ClientID
Google Analytics Native Channel Group
Non-sampled data from Google Analytics with auto-update
Set Up Advanced Ecommerce in GA
Cost Analysis in Google Analytics
Report Automation in Google Analytics
Analytics Client ID: what it is and how to set it up
How not to “clog” the Google Analytics counter during debugging during the implementation phase
How to use the Google Analytics API to create reports (video)
Google Analytics API - Introducing and Creating Your Own Application

Yandex Metric

Acquaintance with Yandex Metric (one video)
Yandex Metric in 30 seconds (10 short videos about settings and tools)
Fundamentals of working with Yandex.Metrica
Create and configure a metric counter
Terms and Definitions
Yandex Metrics Directory
School of Metrics
Attribution Models in Yandex Metric
Segmentation in Metric (11 videos)
Metric Guide: How to Check Target Performance
Goals in Yandex.Metrica (2019)
Instructions for setting up advanced e-commerce in Yandex Metric
How to correctly implement Yandex Metric through Google Tag Manager
How to duplicate goals from Yandex.Metrica in Google Analytics: Intercepting the reachGoal method
ClientID in Yandex.Metrica


Google tag manager

Terms and definitions used with Tag Manager
The Complete Guide to Google Tag Manager Variables (Part 1)
Custom Variables in Google Tag Manager (Part 2)
GTM Review
Google Tag Manager Help
Tag Management Guide (Book)
Proper implementation of Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager Guide. Part 1
Google Tag Manager Guide. Part 2
Triggers in Google Tag Manager
Tags in Google Tag Manager
How to set up a trigger group in Google Tag Manager
How to use debugging in Google Tag Manager
5 ways to track applications through Google Tag Manager
How to set up advanced ecommerce with Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager: current and unobvious chips
Custom templates in GTM: an example
How to use CSS selectors in GTM

Power BI

What is Power BI Desktop?
Getting started with Power BI Desktop
How to work with Microsoft Power BI - detailed guide
Microsoft Power BI Interactive Learning
Power BI in Internet Marketing: A Case Study with Examples
How to link Microsoft Power BI and Google BigQuery
Basics of modeling in Power BI
How to link Yandex.Direct with Microsoft Power BI
Power query statements
Useful materials: textbooks, connectors, links and more
Microsoft Power BI Blog

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