Overclocker Channels: Soldering Iron, Nitrogen, Source of new Knowledge

Thanks to overclockers, manufacturers of computer systems receive independent external testing in extreme conditions and attract the attention of the audience, which with a light heart "destroys" the technique for the sake of sports interest - a sort of IT alternative to rally.

Budget Deep Sky Astro Photography

In order to photograph deep sky objects, we also need expensive equipment (telescopes with a large mirror, mount with an engine, etc.) and going out of the city - where there is no glare. And what about those who have no money for expensive equipment, no space for storing 10 inch reflectors and no time to travel regularly to the desert?

Non-standard Battery in APC Smart-UPS SUA 1000I

Home server, smart home controller, ONT from MGTS and other sensitive equipment I have long been connected via UPS from APC. Everything would be fine, but the native (rather expensive) batteries in it serve for two or three years, and then irreversibly degrade. In addition, even new batteries last for 15 minutes at best. When it was time for another battery replacement, I decided to find a more durable solution.

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